Technology transfer in Materials

Methodology to drive developing technologies to the market.

The extensive knowledge of the market acquired during the years of advising industrial companies means that developers of new materials want to count on us to help them transfer their developments to the market. This makes our proven methodology helpful for Research Groups in Universities and Technological Centres when taking steps towards materials transfer.



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Formulation of ad hoc surface inks

Electrically and thermally conductive
coating for the automotive sector, which has shown acceptance in other sectors.

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Environmentally friendly refrigerants

Ceramic powders intended as a substitute for fluorinated gases for use in refrigeration systems.

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Sustainable alternative to traditional cement

Material from industrial waste that is intended to replace traditional cement and can improve its properties.

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Hydrophobic treatment
on wood

Wood from different species treated with commercial enzymes and a phenolic compound that provides hydrophobicity.

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