Screen-printed thin and flexible cork textiles.

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MY Code: VILL03Category: NaturalsManufacturer: Villani Leonello

Screen-printed thin and flexible cork textiles. This laminated cork surface is bonded onto cotton backed textiles and is available in rolls 4.6 ft (1400 mm) wide. The composite fabric is composed of 30% cork, 23% polyurethane (top protective coating), 20% cotton (the backing fabric) and 20% polyester. It may be stitched and cut like regular fabric. Cork is cultivated from the cork oak tree native to Europe and North Africa. The bark of the cork tree yields a considerable thickness that is harvested every 9 -12 years to produce cork. The surface of the fabric is screen printed with a range of designs that can be customized to client’s requirements. Applications include shoes, apparel, accessories, wall-coverings and upholstery.


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Villani Leonello

Villani Leonello

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