3D Acoustic Panels with Relief Surface

Lightweight, natural fiber composite acoustical panels for interior use.

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MY Code: ORTE07Category: NaturalsManufacturer: Organoid Technologies GmbH

Lightweight, natural fiber composite acoustical panels for interior use. 95% hemp fiber is combined with 5% binder that can be specified as biodegradable. This 100% biodegradable panel emits the natural fragrance of the materials it contains including leaves, hemp fiber and other natural inclusions. For the panels to retain their superior acoustic absorption properties, the porous nature of the surface of the panel should be retained. This restricts the location for their installation, preferably away from human touch. The panels are produced by pressing coarse hemp fibers with a binder into specific panel forms using a vacuum mold and heat. Standard panel sizes are 1000 x 500 mm (39.4 x 19.68) and up to 1500 x 3100 mm (59 x 122 in), with the thickness of panel in a range of 20 – 80 mm (0.79 – 3.15 in) and a standard of 25 mm (0.98 in). The panels are available in ‘natural’ hemp, but can be coated with an emulsion to give color. Sizes, colors, relief patterns and the fiber and leaf types that are applied to the surface of the panel can be customized. The materials comply with B2 flammability testing according to and can be certified to B1 on demand. The panels are used for interior residential and commercial wall panels and ceiling panels.


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Organoid Technologies GmbH

Organoid Technologies GmbH

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