A surface-modified fumed silica that is used in water-based coating systems and cosmetics.

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A surface-modified fumed silica that is used in water-based coating systems and cosmetics. It provides effective rheology control in complex liquid systems, stabilization of pigments and enhanced effect of corrosion protection. The silica particles are able to stabilize liquid droplets and turn them into free flowing powder using dry liquid technology. This property is used in volumizing hair products, mattifying powders and to change the delivery and feel of existing formulations. The silica particles also enable stabilization of pigments since they behave as an anti-settling agent. For the formation of dry liquids, first air is introduced into the liquid system. This creates a series of pathways resulting in formation of liquid droplets. Later, silica is forced through the pathways to the droplets. Silica with an opposing affinity to the liquid enables it to stay at the liquid/air interface and attach itself to the liquid droplet. As the particles continue to assemble at the interface, the liquid droplet gets fully encapsulated. This encapsulation renders the final product to act as a free flowing powder, which upon mechanical stress will become liquid. The material is available in 10 kg bags. The fumed silica powder is white in color. The formulation can be custom colored by adding the desired pigments. It has a specific surface area between 195-245 m2/g according to Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) measurements. The pH of the particles is between 5.5 and 9.0 in 4% dispersion. Applications include cosmetics, sealants, adhesives, toner, silicone rubber, paints and coating systems.


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