M LAB, Material Solutions for Industry

+ Strategic Research

Identification of R&D opportunities and feasibility assessment

It helps the company to make strategic positioning decisions and to direct its innovation policy.

The great variety of existing technologies offers great opportunities. Our job is to identify them and assess their possible implementation in our clients’ products and businesses.

The work is approached with a broad view and the proposed technologies may not come from the sector in which they are to be applied.

+ Challenge Focused

Resolution of specific challenges

When the company has clearly identified a challenge, or area for improvement, we propose solutions according to the specifications indicated.

These solutions, in the form of material, will provide improvements with respect to the current ones. Adapting to the client’s production process and final product.

The materials consultancy project may include tests, certifications, prototypes, up to industrialisation.

Applied innovation

Our focus is on accelerating, facilitating and reducing the risk and investment involved in innovation. To achieve this, we draw on our extensive multi-sector experience, which has allowed us to acquire a wealth of knowledge about technology and solutions applicable in a variety of industries.

When it is necessary to respond to specific and complex challenges, Materially provides customised solutions to be implemented and applied in a specific industry, taking into account production, assembly, product design, certifications and sectorial regulations, and, of course, business interests, understanding that innovation must serve to provide a competitive advantage in the market.

Sometimes, the material that meets all the desired characteristics does not exist. That is why we provide solutions to provide new specifications and functionalities of existing materials. We work directly with manufacturers, technology centres and users to obtain materials that open up new application opportunities, contributing to the development of demanding sectors such as the automotive and construction industries, among others.

The objectives and scope of each project are unique, but in summary we establish the three approaches mentioned above: strategic, challenge-solution and technology transfer. If you want to know more about our materials consultancy service, CONTACT US.

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