Development of new materials with improved properties

Thermal conductivity improvement of polymers

Development of polymers with the ability to conduct and dissipate heat without losing their original properties.

Improvement of the properties of coatings

Development of the functionality and performance of coatings by providing them with new physical and chemical properties.

Surface functionalisation

Incorporation of new technologies into surfaces to make them more resistant, hygienic and connective.

Protection against moisture after exposure to high temperatures

Solutions to provide hydrophobic capabilities to highly insulating ceramic substrates working in high temperature environments (>600ºC). After the working cycles, the solution must keep the substrate isolated from water and humidity.

Improved properties of technical rubbers

New technologies applicable to rubbers to develop compounds with improved properties in terms of lightness, thermal conductivity and sustainability, among others.

Improved flame-retardant properties for facades

Improving the fire resistance of ventilated facades without compromising the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of the original material.

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