Materially Innovation

MATERIALLY - Innovative and sustainable materials and processing procedures

We are experts in innovative and sustainable materials and transformation processes.

Our mission is to improve competitiveness through the transfer of knowledge in materials, enabling the creation of better products and solutions with greater added value.

Our international team of experts provides a multidisciplinary vision and a response to challenges in the application of materials with a vocation for implementation in the production industry. We have a wide network of international contacts, including experts from the different sites around the world.

We continuously monitor the constantly evolving world of materials and manage the information to transform it into applicable and industrialisable solutions.

We also give visibility to new innovative and sustainable materials and processing technologies by bringing them to the market and to the professional users who are part of our international community. 



Unai Etxebarria


Iker Agirre

Project Manager

Izaskun Eskubi

Research & Innovation

Andrea Apure

Customer Service


Automotion and transport

Capital Goods and Components

Finished product

Distribution and Retail

Architecture and Construction


Technology Centres

Economic Promotion and Innovation

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